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AMS by Kalogon, Improve Your Existing Seating

AMS is designed to reduce anxiety of using your existing air cushion, it can be installed onto most full-sized single cell air flotation wheelchair cushions.*

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Maintain the prescribed pressure in an air flotation cushion and eliminate the need to manually maintain it.

No Guesswork

Automatic leak detection

Auto-inflation upon leak detection

Create the settings that work for you in the Kalogon app

Image by Sam Bhattacharyya

Ambient Adjustments

Adapts to environmental changes such as ambient pressure

Adjusts as you shift or carry something in your lap (or weight changes)

Go About Your Daily Life

No more hand pumping

Device makes adjustments without manual interventions

Battery life lasts about a week**

Improves your existing cushion, without making big changes*

Image by Red John
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Clinician Recommendations

Enables clinicians to set recommended levels, and to maintain those set pressures.

Alexa, CA

"The cushion is very comfortable and the redistribution really helps with pain when I am sitting. I also like how easy it is to customize my cushion using the app on my phone. Since I have bought the cushion, I love how it keeps getting better with new features added for free!"

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