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Kalogon AMS

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Kalogon AMS

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Know when your cushion is starting to leak

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Control the firmness of your cushion and set the pressure you prefer

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Set comfort levels and maintain set pressures with your existing cushion, will adjust to ambient conditions.

AMS is designed to reduce anxiety of using your existing air cushion, it can be installed onto most full-sized single cell air flotation wheelchair cushions and on a single charge AMS provides continuous peace of mind when using most full- sized air cushions. No more guess work, hand pumping, inconsistent care, or undetected leaks. Know when your cushion is starting to leak.

See Pressure Relief in Action

Using intelligent redistribution technology, the Kalogon Orbiter eliminates direct pressure on sensitive areas to not only accelerate the healing process of pressure injuries, but also prevent new injuries from occurring.

This technology is designed to increase seating tolerance, allowing users to live an active, seated lifestyle.

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