National Center for Simulation: This CEO built a wheelchair endorsed by Stephen Hawking...

Alex Soderstrom, Staff Writer for OrlandoInno

This CEO built a wheelchair endorsed by Stephen Hawking before launching his new startup

Tim Balz founder and CEO of Kalogon
Tim Balz, founder and CEO, Kalogon

Tim Balz has worked on a long list of successful wheelchair innovations, landing his name on a patent and leading a project endorsed by renowned physicist Stephen Hawking.

Balz’s latest efforts won’t revolutionize the wheelchair, but rather, the quality of life of the people who use them.

Melbourne-based Kalogon, founded by Balz last year, developed a “smart cushion” meant to prevent pressure sores in people who sit too long, especially those in wheelchairs. The product is in use by some rehabilitation centers, assisted-living centers and hospitals across the Sunshine State.

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