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Seniors are Embracing the Smart Technologies

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Parks Associates hosted the interactive virtual session, “Seniors and Caretakers: Living Independently” on Thursday, October 6 at 11:00 AM CT as part of the 2022 Connected Health Summit: Consumer Engagement and Innovation. Tim Balz, CEO, Kalogon, who was featured on the panel, Integrating Tech and Services to Empower Seniors, recently shared insights on seniors, caretakers, living Independently, and so much more.

What do you consider to be one of the key trends impacting healthcare and the connected Home?

Patients know that their smartphones have a tremendous amount of power and can provide connectivity between health providers and patients. They expect their healthcare devices to leverage their phones to improve their healthcare experience.

What new ways are consumers using connected devices in connected health?

Smart technologies are changing the way patients can direct their own care and interact with their care providers. Solution providers need to embrace these technologies to meet the expectations of their patients.

What independent living features are seniors and caregivers looking for in their homes?

Customized health care is becoming the new standard. For seniors, new technologies need to be easy and intuitive. Being connected is a way for seniors and caregivers to have a direct voice in how their healthcare products work and how they improve overtime.

How have consumer attitudes towards connected health solutions shifted in the last year?

As technology improves, the need for patients to be virtually connected to their caregivers only grows. Consumers are expecting their health solutions to be customized to their needs. Connected technology makes this possible, but it is important that such technology does not make the experience complicated or confusing to the user.

Seniors are becoming more accustomed to new technologies. What impact does that have on new product and service demands in the senior and caregiver markets?

Seniors are not afraid of new technologies. They have smart phones and know how to use them. Like anyone, they can become frustrated if the new technology is cumbersome or difficult to learn and use. They want their healthcare to use the latest technology to provide customized care, and they also want that experience to be natural and easy.

Will shifts in consumer behaviors related to fitness, wellness, chronic care management, and care for senior populations outlast the COVID-19 crisis?

COVID forced people to be more accepting of using technology to enhance the speed of access and customizability of their healthcare. As we move forward, people will expect access to these technologies to continue and improve.


For information on this Connected Health Summit session and future sessions, visit the event page.


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