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Booster Manual Video Transcript

Thank you for choosing Booster by Kalogon. Your included components are your Booster device, A 30cm silicone hose and a USB charger. To charge your device, plug the Usb-C cable into Booster and then the other end of the cable into the wall plug. Plug the wall plug into your outlet. A yellow light will turn on indicating the device is charging. Your Booster device can be cleaned with a dry cloth or a light blast of air as needed.


Identify the location of the cushion valve where you will connect your Booster device when connecting Booster to your cushion, ensure the user is not sitting on the cushion. Place Booster into the cushions pocket. A clip is available as an accessory to attach to another part of the wheelchair. Check the hose length is correct for the size of the cushion. If required, the end of the hose may be cut to length during setup using scissors, ensuring there is enough hose length to avoid kinks. Do not cut the hose shorter than 15cm.


Push the hose over the open valve, massage the hose onto the valve until it fully covers all areas of the valve. Review the connection to ensure that the hose is not bent or kinked. Press either pause or mute button on Booster for three full seconds, activating pairing mode. The red, yellow and green lights will turn on and off. Download the Kalagon app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. To connect Booster to the app, open the Kalagon app, select “Scan for Cushions.” Select Connect.


Manually check the air level in the cushion. In the app, drag the line up or down to increase or decrease the level of air in the cushion release your finger from the line and Booster saves this pressure setpoint. The green rectangle represents the real time pressure of the cushion. Press both pause and mute button simultaneously for five full seconds to enter Clinician Mode. When all three lights begin blinking, Booster is in Clinician Mode. Manually check the cushion air level. Use the pause button to adjust the air pressure downwards and the mute button to adjust the air pressure upwards as required.


Once the buttons have not been pressed for 30 seconds, Booster will save the pressure setpoint and exit clinician mode. When the user sits down the device will detect the user has sat down and the green light will turn on. If a leak is detected, the red light will turn on and off. To disconnect Booster from the cushion, make sure the user is not sitting on the cushion. Detach the hose, and then close the cushion valve.

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