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Our accessories enable your life on the go,

and make your Orbiter experience even easier.

A man and a woman are outdoors on a sidewalk in their wheelchairs

Orbiter’s XLR Charger

Get ready to charge your Orbiter from your power chair! 


Live an Active Seated Life on the go with Orbiter’s XLR Charger, designed to be compatible with most power chairs with a 3-pin XLR port*

Direct 3-pin XLR to barrel jack connection


You can leave Orbiter plugged in without degrading the battery.

* Please note: If you have multiple ports, you can charge your chair and Orbiter.
If you only have one port, you will need to unplug Orbiter to charge your chair

Orbiter incontinence cover in all black


Increase your independence with Orbiter’s Extender which allows you to turn your Orbiter on and off with ease and to charge without having to go to the back of your chair or needing assistance from someone else.

Visual notifications​​​

Green light indicates that Orbiter is on


Orange light indicates that Orbiter is either charging or low on power

Easy to Use

Charge your Orbiter in 3 - 4 hours with the Extender and provided charging cable


Lightweight addition to your setup

Orbiter cushion cover in all black
Kalogon XLR cable

Incontinence Covers

Have more peace of mind with our Incontinence Covers specifically designed to fit our award-winning Orbiter. This incontinence cover is designed to go under your existing Orbiter cushion cover.


To use, all you need to do is place the incontinence cover over both foam and air cell layer.

4-way stretch fabric with a waterproof coating


Zipper enclosure, covered with a flap for further protection


Adaptive zipper pull


Easy to Clean


Available in black


Sized to order

Orbiter Extender cable - all black

Replacement Covers

Sometimes you need an additional cover for your Orbiter while one is in the wash, or maybe want a different color combination.

Easy to Clean

Available in:

4-way stretch fabric, water resistant, not waterproof 


Zipper enclosure, covered with a flap for further protection


Adaptive zipper pull

Machine washable on cold


Drip dry

Black & Black


Black & Blue


Sized to fit your order

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