Who is this right for?

This cushion is designed to improve the lives of every daily wheelchair user. 


What are pressure injuries?

Pressure injuries are known by a variety of terms: decubitus ulcers, pressure ulcers, bedsores, or wounds. We designed a solution to help prevent, cure, treat, and/or heal these skin sores.


Who is vulnerable to pressure injuries?

People who sit for long periods of time, typically in wheelchairs. Pressure injuries are one of the leading preventable causes of death and these sores drastically decrease a person’s quality of life.


How does the Kalogon Smart Cushion work?

The Kalogon Smart Cushion redistributes support away from sensitive areas, facilitating maximum comfort. The cushion senses how the user is sitting and electronically adjusts itself every few minutes in order to offload pressure from their backside, maintain healthy blood flow, and keep their skin healthy. Shifting one’s weight around in a wheelchair is the best way to prevent pressure ulcers. Our cushion does the shifting for people. The standard prevention technology hasn't changed since before the personal computer was invented. Until now.


Why are pressure injuries a concern?

Over 60,000 people die in the U.S. each year from pressure injuries, which is more than colon, breast, or prostate cancer. Also, the average direct treatment cost for pressure sores is approximately $22,000.


Do businesses benefit by providing the Kalogon Smart Cushion to their clients who need them?

Pressure injuries cost the US healthcare system up to $26.8 billion per year in direct treatment costs and each individual sore averages $22,000 in direct healthcare costs. There’s a massive upside to businesses who are impacted by the high costs of pressure wounds to care about our innovative solution!