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Kalogon’s Technology,  Designed to Improve Your Seated Health

Our Core Technology: Pressure Relief in Action

Intelligent Pressure Control:

Using intelligent redistribution technology,  Kalogon’s technology eliminates direct pressure on sensitive areas to not only accelerate the healing process of pressure injuries, but also prevents new injuries from occurring. Our technology also looks at blood flow, overall body temperature, weight shifts, and ambient conditions.

Our tools monitor pressure changes within air cells, and adapt to user-defined preferences in real-time to maximize comfort and stability. 

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Manage comfort preferences using iOS, Android app, or even on the device, depending on the product.

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Continuous Pressure Relief:

Automate and control pressure redistribution using Kalogon app presets.

Update your seating profile to define areas that require additional pressure relief or added firmness.

Optimize blood flow across sensitive areas and enhance your existing offload routine.

An Innovative Team

 Kalogon’s founding team , made up of former SpaceX engineers, came together with local wheelchair users to develop our first product,  Orbiter  and continues to innovate. It took three years to develop Orbiter, and during this time the Kalogon team partnered with local wheelchair users, spinal cord injury clinics, and nursing homes to understand the needs around seating.

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Kalogon also participated in the prestigious  Praxis Spinal Cord Institute  Incubate program.

Our technology is patent-pending and uses a combination of air-cell and artificial intelligence to create optimal pressure control.

Our  research team  explores different dynamics of sitting - understanding everything from blood flow to comfort, and these research papers and our ongoing development work continually improve our products.

​​As we make changes and learn, we share firmware and software updates.

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