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To Help Everyone Live An Active, Seated Life

Kalogon team
A man in a wheelchair sits at a desk looking at a computer


Kalogon revolutionizes how the world sits by leveraging technological innovation, conducting cutting-edge research, cultivating deep customer empathy, ultimately building smart seating products that reflect what is right, not what is easy so those who must stay seated benefit from enhanced mobility, improved wellness, and greater confidence to live a more active life at work, home, and play.

How We Bring Our Mission And Vision To Life

Cherish moments for learning and empathy

We cultivate empathy with our customers, potential customers, partners, and teammates so we uncover all needs, stated, unstated, and hidden. We endeavor to understand everything we can about seating, conducting research and working with real people to validate our ideas. We celebrate our knowledge and cherish varied perspectives.

Do what’s right, not what’s easy

We know the bare minimum doesn’t create innovation or really solve people’s problems, we look to research the right answer, dig into solutions, and discuss outcomes so that we deliver what is needed.

Think like an owner

Team members are owners and must think deeply about using their and other team member’s time, talent, and treasures in service of Kalogon’s mission and vision. This means thinking about ROI for activities and work efforts including: cost, level of effort, time to execute, ways to be thrifty, and when to deliver an A+ vs. a B-. We don’t just make decisions on gut, when possible, we use data to validate the ROI.

Iteration is the key to continuous improvement

We strive to make our products, offerings, and project executions better through incremental improvements. We solve problems with clever solutions, testing and learning what makes processes smoother, customers happier, and our business more successful.


We form strong team bonds as we work together - checking our egos at the door, knowing that everything from sweeping the floor to big strategic work provides value. We welcome novel ideas and fresh perspectives from our co-workers and celebrate collaboration in many forms.

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