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The Ultimate In Seating Customization For Your Patients

Feel Better, Sit Longer

The Kalogon Orbiter Smart Cushion relieves pain, improves posture and increases blood flow to ensure you can live your best active, seated life.

Built For Each Patient And Their Lifestyle

Created for each person’s needs, based on their measurements, clinical history, and activities

Customizations for medial thigh supports, leg length discrepancies, residual limb support, and more*

Select the foam that’s best, based on Kalogon’s premium offerings

Determine how product should be mounted based on existing chair

Kalogon Orbiter

Improves Posture and Stability

Cushion designed with postural support options based on clinician recommendations

Create personalized settings in the Kalogon app with presets for different occasions from dining occasions, transfer, and various activities

Review data with your client to help them optimize their seating

Leverages Kalogon’s Advanced Pressure Management

Machine learning and patent-pending air cell technology analyze pressure points in real time and maintains clinician-designated settings

Use the Kalogon app to set levels in left and right ITs, sacrum, and under thighs

System adapts to ambient conditions


A Modern Cushion for Today’s Life

AI helps cushion to adapt and redistribute weight intelligently

Maintain blood flow with research based redistribution system

Automatic leak detection and alerts, with auto-inflation to compensate in the event of air loss

Help Your Patients Live a More Active, Seated Life

CRT and Manual wheelchair compatible

Additional accessories include extenders, XLR chargers, and incontinence covers

Cushion covers are washable

Battery life allows for a full day on the go

Manufactured within 7 - 21 business days**

*To order an Orbiter Med, the patient must need a completely custom cushion. All orders must include a clinician completed Seating and Mobility Assessment and an Order Form. The Order Form indicates the specific customization needs. The list provided on this website is incomplete, further customizations are available. 


**There may be occasions when we are unable to deliver within 21 business days, clinicians will be informed at time of order.

Alexa, CA

"The cushion is very comfortable and the redistribution really helps with pain when I am sitting. I also like how easy it is to customize my cushion using the app on my phone. Since I have bought the cushion, I love how it keeps getting better with new features added for free!"

Liquid Bubbles

Orbiter Med is sold only by order through a clinician and is not available for direct consumer purchase. Please contact us if you have more questions.

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