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Army Veteran LeToi Adams uses the Kalogon Orbiter Cushion in the Wheelchair Games

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

"Paralyzation is what you see and not what you're going through”

says LeToi Adams, Army Veteran and wheelchair games athlete.

In 2011 LeToi was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a type of cancer originating in the lymphatic system. The tumor wrapped around her spinal cord, resulting in a T-10 spinal cord injury and paralysis from the waist down. After her year-long recovery, LeToi found adaptive sports, a form of competitive or recreational sports for people with disabilities.

She soon fell in love with wheelchair basketball and has used it as an outlet throughout her journey. Wheelchair sports played an important role in LeToi’s mental health: being able to stay active and play the games she loved gave her the encouragement to push forward after her treatment.

“When I found out about adaptive sports, it gave me a lot of motivation and courage to get out there and play with other competitive, disabled people,”

says LeToi.

“It was definitely an eye opener to see people that I look up to play adaptive sports like me.”

Her Kalogon Orbiter cushion helps keep her on the court:

“It makes being confined to my chair during the game okay because I don’t need to do as many pressure reliefs.”

Whether playing on the court or in her chair at home, you can find LeToi using her Kalogon Orbiter smart cushion to help relieve pain and prevent pressure injuries. The relief brought by the Orbiter cushion has helped LeToi stay focused on her game.

“The Kalogon cushion makes going out easier and more comfortable.”

Hear more about LeToi’s experience with the Kalogon Orbiter Smart cushion in her own words in this video:



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