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Startup employs people with disabilities

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Brittany Mulligan for Hometown News

Man from Brevard Achievement Center working on Kalogon Smart Cushion
Chris Coxwell is shown working on the control module for Kalogon’s smart wheelchair cushion. Photo courtesy of Brevard Achievement Center

BREVARD COUNTY — An innovative idea is making a difference in the lives of wheelchair users by creating a smart wheelchair cushion. The company responsible is taking a further step forward by partnering with one of Brevard County’s largest employers for people with disabilities.

Earlier in February, Kalogon announced the launch of the world’s first smart wheelchair cushion. It’s designed by a team of former SpaceX, NASA and Northrop Grumman employees to improve the comfort for extended wheelchair use.

Kalogon has partnered with Brevard Achievement Center to manufacture the cushions, and this exciting opportunity will provide jobs to individuals with disabilities.


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