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See Pressure Relief in Action

Using intelligent redistribution technology, the Kalogon Orbiter eliminates direct pressure on sensitive areas to not only accelerate the healing process of pressure injuries, but also prevent new injuries from occurring.

This technology is designed to increase seating tolerance, allowing users to live an active, seated lifestyle.

Our Technology

Intelligent Pressure Control

The Kalogon Smart Cushion monitors pressure changes within air cells and adapts to user-defined preferences in real-time to maximize comfort and stability. Manage comfort preferences using the iOS or Android app

Continuous Pressure Relief

Automate and control pressure redistribution using Kalogon app presets. Update your seating profile to define areas that require additional pressure relief or added firmness. Optimize blood flow across sensitive areas and enhance your existing offload routine

Power Automation

The cushion is powered on when you sit down and automatically turns off when no pressure is applied. Our cushion cover is waterproof and can be used in any season.

Updates & Upgrades

The best technologies are always improving. Kalogon customers receive free software updates and upgrades.

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