Live an Active,
Seated Life

The World's First Smart Cushion

Kalogon Cushion Wheelchair Client

Feel Better,
Sit Longer

The Kalogon Smart Cushion relieves pain, improves posture and increases blood flow to ensure you can live your best active, seated life.

Kalogon Cushion Wheelchair Client

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Kalogon Cushion Wheelchair Client

Made Just For You

Custom designed to fit your seat

Build your customized comfort settings

Talk to a real person who understands your needs

Expert coaching program and resources

Made to order in the USA in partnership with BAC

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The cushion is very comfortable and the redistribution really helps with pain when I am sitting. I also like how easy it is to customize my cushion using the app on my phone. Since I have bought the cushion, I love how it keeps getting better with new features added for free!

Alice I. of Tampa

In this video

"Dear Kalogon, My name is John Miller. 18 Years ago, I fell off a scaffolding and onto the cement and broke my back. When you turn the Kalogon seat on, you have an app on your phone. I set it to what feels good. Without a Kalogon seat, I had to move from one side to the other side. There was no relief really. With Kalogon, I was able to take a road trip, which was heaven. This was the first time I could be in my chair longer than four hours. Kalogon is freedom. Thank you, Kalogon, for giving me my life back."

"Dear Kalogon, My name is Meghan Guy. I'm the owner and administrator of an assisted living facility in Florida. The Kalogon Cushion for my residents was a game changer. It allowed them to feel more independent and frankly, be more independent, be more comfortable, and overall, change their day-to-day life. This is really more than a wheelchair cushion. It's something that needs to be standard of care. Thank you, Kalogon, for helping my residents feel like themselves again."

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