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The Future of Smart Seating

Feel Better,
Sit Longer

The Orbiter by Kalogon, a smart cushion, relieves pain, improves posture and increases blood flow to ensure you can live your best active, seated life.

Kalogon's Technology

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Our technology adjusts for changes in air pressure while in flight, offering personalized seating and support for private and commercial aircraft’s. We hope to provide more
pain-free and less-fatigued experiences for pilots and passengers alike.

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2% of the U.S. population uses a wheelchair, putting them at greater risk for pressure injuries. Our patent-pending products Orbiter and Booster, bring significant innovation
to the medical industry, contributing to improved patient care.

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The Kalogon team is actively working on licensing our products for the automotive industry to bring medically-driven  innovation to those who experience an extended time sitting while driving both commercial and personal vehicles.

Kalogon is revolutionizing seating for those who spend an extended time sitting

Orbiter with control box. The Orbiter is a smart wheelchair cushion with a black cover and a blue stripe on the side.

Orbiter by Kalogon – the world's first smart cushion that uses AI and patent-pending air cell technology to analyze real-time pressure data and intelligently adapt to meet your unique comfort needs.

Orbiter Med image
Orbiter Med image

Orbiter Med by Kalogon – a Medicare-approved custom wheelchair cushion for pressure management, combines Kalogon’s Advanced Pressure Management (APM) system with the individualized postural support of a custom cushion reimbursable by insurance. 

Booster - a controller that solves maintenance issues with single-cell air floatation cushions.

Image of Booster, a product that attaches to single cell air cushions to maintain air levels and provide leak detection

Stay Tuned For More

Alexa, CA

"The cushion is very comfortable and the redistribution really helps with pain when I am sitting. I also like how easy it is to customize my cushion using the app on my phone. Since I have bought the cushion, I love how it keeps getting better with new features added for free!"

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