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Living an Active, Seated Life!

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Kalogon presents

Kenny Mendoza

Kenny Mendoza

Kalogon recently presented our 3rd webinar with Clinical Education Specialist, Wendy Underwood.

We highlighted the meaning behind Living an Active, Seated life in a conversation with Kenny Mendoza, an inspiring Kalogon user, scuba diver, and cyclist who spends his time empowering others with disabilities.

Keeping a Positive Outlook

Keeping a Positive Outlook

Kenny spoke about the importance of being surrounded by the right people throughout his journey. "I think the most positive role models I had were other people that were injured."

Kenny did not let his injury get in the way of living an active. "I just try to take everything as a learning experience. Even when I was told I'd never walk again, I looked at ways of staying active and moving around as much as possible."

Staying Active

Staying Active

Kenny now serves as a board member for Thresher, an organization helping people with disabilities scuba dive. He also and also for GOSCI. GOSCIN is a non-profit group whose mission is to serve the needs of individuals in employment, adaptive sports, recreation, social functions, networking, outreach, SCI prevention, and guest speakers for the group in the greater Orlando area.

Kenny finds happiness by focusing on three simple things; proper sleep, adequate hydration, and sitting on the right cushion.


To learn more about Kenny's journey, visit Kalogon University to view this webinar on-demand!



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