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Kalogon Debuts New Orbiter Accessories to Increase Independence and Confidence for Customers who use wheelchairs

Live an active seated life with Kalogon’s new cushion accessories that adapt to wheelchair users’ needs

Melbourne, Fla. (March 12, 2024) - Kalogon, a leader in smart seating solutions, today debuted a new line of accessories to make its Orbiter smart cushion more adaptable to each user’s unique needs. Kalogon aims to increase customers’ independence and confidence when on the go with Orbiter.

Orbiter by Kalogon is a smart cushion proven to increase blood flow while sitting. Its proprietary air-cell technology analyzes and adjusts pressure points in real time to redistribute weight and maintain blood flow for people who spend extended time sitting.

Now publicly available, Kalogon’s expanded line of Orbiter products includes: 

  • XLR charger – charge Orbiter from the port on most power wheelchairs with a three-pin XLR port

black XLR charger cord and 3 pin power wheelchair plug with Orbiter "O" button for turning on and off and an indicator light

Extender – turn Orbiter on/off or charge it in three to four hours without leaving your seat 

black orbiter extender to plug into Orbiter control box and attach on/off button at the end of the cord to your wheelchair

  • Incontinence covers – protect Orbiter with an easy-to-clean, waterproof cover that goes discreetly under your existing Orbiter cover

black incontinence cover shown inside orbtier cushion cover for further protection of your wheelchair cushion

  • Replacement covers – change colors or add a spare Orbiter cover for more flexibility while on the go; replacement covers are machine washable and offered in two colorways

black on black orbiter wheelchair cushion with control box

  • Improved mounting kit – now included with every Orbiter purchase is a mounting kit designed to fit even more wheelchair model and includes velcro for attachments

black mounting kit and tools with all pieces needed to mount orbiter to a manual or power wheelchair

"Our team is continuously iterating and improving the Orbiter user experience, and each accessory has been designed in response to customer feedback," said Tim Balz, CEO and co-founder of Kalogon. "These enhancements empower Orbiter customers with the confidence to be more independent when using our products and live an active seated life. Orbiter has already made a significant impact on the lives of wheelchair users, and we are always striving to make it more accessible for current and future customers."

Learn more about all Orbiter products and connect with a representative at

About Kalogon

We empower individuals to lead active, seated lives. Kalogon is the trailblazer in smart seating, offering patent-pending solutions for medical, aviation and automotive customers. Kalogon’s core technology integrates custom molding, dynamic motion and ambient sensing to provide personalized, healthy seating. Our products are medically validated to improve blood flow, with customers reporting increased comfort and less fatigue. Learn more at

Media contact:

Heather Sliwinski

Changemaker Communications for Kalogon


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