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Kalogon visits Seoul: Hyundai Motor Group Open Innovation Lounge

Our Founder & CEO Tim Balz visited South Korea in November to participate in the Hyundai Motor Group Open Innovation Lounge. We created a prototype seat utilizing our patent-pending air cell technology found in our Kalogon products.

The Kalogon Team learned so much from the team at HMG during the the process, and we hope to continue working with them to develop our prototype further. 

CEO Tim Balz is standing in the  Hyundai Motor Group Open Innovation Lounge next  and leaning on a white Hyundai SUV wearing his Kalogon polo and khaki pants.

Interview with Tim

1) Give an overview of your company and vision.

"Hello. My name is Tim Balz, CEO of Kalogon. Kalogon creates innovative solutions by focusing on the science of sitting. We started with people with the greatest need, those with limited mobility who use wheelchairs. We've since expanded our technology to improve the comfort and performance of seating. From supporting US Air Force pilots to those who experience discomfort while driving."   

2) What tech solution innovation did Kalogon annouce at the 2023 OI LOUNGE?

"Kalogon is so excited to introduce our air management system technology for the OI Lounge. We can't wait for you to come experience the future of seating." 

3) How were these tech solutions used, and what were the benefits?

The floor of the Hyundai Motor Group OI lounge features a white Hyundai SUV and multiple male HMG employees in suits standing around the vehicle making conversation with each other.

"We incorporated our technology into the driver's seat so that when you sit down, this cushion will automatically custom mold to your body. Next, you'll feel the cushion perform these strategic redistributions so that blood flow is not cut off for an extended period of time. This is what gives you that incredible driving experience." 

4) Comment on your experience leading up to the OI Lounge in Seoul.

"We have so enjoyed working both with HATCI and Hyundai Motor Group through the OI Lounge process. This process has enabled us to bring our small, innovative company technologies to one of the most respected OEMs in the world. We've learned so much and greatly appreciate the experience." 

The Open Innovation Lounge sign featuring the hexagon logo that is white wtih black border and black text

5) What do you forsee for the future of Hyundai Motor's technology?

"The future for Hyundai Motor Group Technology is bright. A company that's working so hard to ensure that it always keeps the most innovative technologies in its vehicles is bound to continue to change the way this industry innovates." 

6) What was your experience at the Open Innovation Lounge?

"The Open Innovation Lounge brought together over a dozen companies from multiple industries who have created innovations which have the potential to change the status quo in the auto industry. It was exciting getting to spend time with so many innovative startups from around the world. We got to speak to experts from across Hyundai Motor Group's organization.

Outside Hyundai Motor Group featuring the stone sign with their name, a staircase, and a flower pot with green and yellow flowers.


Our time working with HMG for the OI Lounge was an exciting endeavor that a reinforced our commitment to innovation. Kalogon's journey with HMG has not only strengthened our global connections, but has also opened new doors for future collaborations. We hope to bring what we’ve learned working with this automotive OEM back to our customers as we develop new products. Stay tuned!

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