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Smart Seating Startup Kalogon Secures $1.2M in Funding to Fuel Product and Team Expansion

With an oversubscribed extended seed round, Kalogon will expand product offerings leveraging its Advanced Pressure Management (APM) system

New funding will also bolster R&D and sales with commercial and military aviation partners, such as the U.S. Air Force

MELBOURNE, Fla. (May 30, 2024) - Kalogon, the market leader in smart seating solutions, today announced it has raised $1.2 million in extended seed funding to expand its line of products built for an active, seated life. Sawmill Angels, M7, SeedFundersOrlando, AARP and additional angels participated in the oversubscribed seed extension. 

Kalogon's control box for it's Advanced Pressure Management System. This box is attached to our smart wheelchair cushions Orbiter and Orbiter Med

Kalogon is pioneering a new category of smart seating solutions clinically proven to improve blood flow. Using its patent-pending Advanced Pressure Management (APM) system, Kalogon cushions feature a unique combination of foam, air bladders, sensors and software to automatically and dynamically adjust to the person sitting on them. Traditional cushions can reduce blood flow, leading to discomfort, pain and even pressure injuries for people who sit for long periods, such as wheelchair users, truckers, transportation workers, commercial pilots and more. Kalogon cushions analyze pressure points in real time, intelligently redistribute weight and increase comfort for those who sit for extended periods. 

The company will use the funds to bolster R&D and go-to-market following a stand-out year of product advancements and record sales. Kalogon has widened its footprint through partnerships with the world’s largest mobility device distributors – such as Etac and National Seating & Mobility – and has completed the AgeTech Collaborative™ from AARP’s accelerator program.

Orbiter Med, one of our Smart Wheelchair Cushions that provides custom configurations to influence posture and air pressure redistribution

The company also recently completed a Phase 1 SBIR contract with the U.S. Air Force and published research in the Journal of Tissue Viability that demonstrated the efficacy of Kalogon’s APM system. After record-breaking sales in Q1 2024, Kalogon announced its first Medicare-approved wheelchair cushion – OrbiterTM Med – increasing its market by 10x and accelerating reimbursement for medical use. 

“Kalogon is on an impressive trajectory, propelling the entire industry forward to provide solutions for health conditions that have been ignored for far too long,” said Jeff Ready, investor at Sawmill Angels and board member at Kalogon. “Kalogon has the potential to not only serve the medical industry with better mobility products but also solve complex seating problems in aviation, transportation, the public sector and many more industries, and we are proud to support their next growth phase.”

Tim Balz, Kalogon CEO & Founder wearing a blue suit and white collared shirt smiling while crossing his arms in front of him. He is a young white male with dark blond short hair.

“This funding is validation for the hard work and tangible results driven by our team in the last year,” said Tim Balz, founder and CEO of Kalogon. “With our relentless pursuit of science-backed innovation and an unwavering dedication to the user experience, we are ushering in a new future for seated wellness. The partnerships and product developments we have achieved recently have opened new doors, and this round will help us further expand our offerings and availability in the market.”

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About Kalogon

We empower individuals to lead active, seated lives. Kalogon is the trailblazer in smart seating, offering patent-pending solutions for medical, aviation and automotive customers. Kalogon’s core technology integrates custom molding, adaptive motion and ambient sensing to provide personalized, healthy seating. Our products are medically validated to improve blood flow, with customers reporting increased comfort and less fatigue. Learn more at

Media contact:

Heather Sliwinski

Changemaker Communications for Kalogon


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