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Booster FAQs

What is Booster?

Booster is designed to reduce anxiety of using your existing air cushion, it can be installed onto most full-sized single cell air flotation wheelchair cushions. Booster is a device that attaches to your existing cushion. It maintains your clinician’s recommendation for pressure in an air flotation cushion and eliminates the need to manually adjust it.

What is the technology behind Booster?

Booster uses some of the same technology that powers Orbiter, namely Kalogon’s state of the art air management system, allowing Booster to assess air levels in real time, take into account ambient factors, and adjust as needed.

Does Booster need power?

Booster is charged using a provided USB cable and wall plug. It should take a few hours to get a complete charge.

How does Booster attach to my cushion?

Booster comes with an air hose that attaches to your cushion via the inflation valve. The hose must completely cover the air valve. Booster includes a clip which can be used to attach the device to your cushion’s cover or to the body of your wheelchair. Some cushion brands also have a pouch where Booster fits nicely.

Can I cut the hose Booster uses to attach to my cushion?

Yes, you can trim the hose to work with your cushion.

Are replacement hoses available?

Replacement hoses are available for purchase. If you need one, please contact the Kalogon team at or (321) 465 4504.

Can Kalogon recommend what my air levels should be set at?

Kalogon cannot provide recommendations for what your air levels should be in your cushion. Please consult your clinician and work with them either in the Kalogon app or in clinician mode to set the cushion to your needs. Booster arrives with default factory settings which are NOT clinical recommendations.

How soon does Booster begin inflating when there is a change in ambient conditions?

You may notice that it takes up to a few minutes for Booster to adjust after a change.

How will Booster let me know that there is a potential leak?

Booster will provide audio cues as well as blinking lights when it senses a potential leak, if it senses that the hose is not properly connected to the cushion’s inflation valve, or if it senses that the inflation valve is closed.

What do the lights on Booster mean?

There are three lights on Booster, red, yellow, and green. Please see the user instruction manual for more detail.

Red is an error light and provides notifications when you should check for leaks or when there may be a kinked hose or closed valve.

Yellow is the battery status light which indicates when the battery is charging or when the device is low on power.

The green light is on when the device is in operation, detects that an individual is sitting on the cushion, and is maintaining the pressure level.

What cushions is Booster compatible with?

Booster is compatible with single cell air cushions. If you have questions about your specific cushion, please contact the Kalogon team at or (321) 465 4504.

Do I need a phone to use Booster?

Booster works best with the Kalogon app, as it provides visual information. Booster also has a manual mode that allows for manipulation of the pressure setpoint without a phone. The Kalogon smartphone app is used primarily during initial setup, and it does not need to be used every day. Once the device has been set up, it is possible to use the device without reconnecting to the app.

What phones does the Booster app work with?

The Kalogon app is compatible with Apple iOS 12 or later versions or Google Android OS 11 or later. Devices running earlier versions of this software may be incompatible with the Kalogon app.

Does Booster replace offloads?

Booster does not replace the need to do offloads or pressure shifts. You should still follow your clinician’s advice on the frequency, duration, and best practices around offloads for you.

How do I clean Booster?

Booster generally will not need to be cleaned. If it has been left in a hot, humid, moist, or dusty climate, the device may not perform as expected. A light blast of air should be used to remove any visible dust from the outlet tube or around the seams of the enclosure.

Should you get something on the outside of Booster, you can wipe it carefully with a dry cloth, a slightly damp cloth, or wiped carefully with a 70% or less IPA alcohol-based or antibacterial cleaning wipe.

How long does the battery last?

The battery life will last roughly 24 - 56 hours. If Booster is making a lot of adjustments, or if a potential leak is detected and the device is filling, the battery may last less time. 

Can I use my FSA card to purchase a Booster?

Please contact your FSA plan administrator prior to purchasing your Booster online. If you have a credit card from your FSA plan, our website will accept it, and you may still be asked to file additional information with your provider once your purchase has been completed.

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