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Kalogon the Company

Does Kalogon have any open roles?

We love that you’re interested in working for Kalogon. We’re always excited to learn about new folks who have a passion for helping the world to live a more active, seated life.

You can always see what roles Kalogon is hiring for by looking at the Kalogon  Careers page . This page also shares a little bit about the Kalogon team values and what we are seeking in potential Kalogon team members.

Does Kalogon have any patents?

Kalogon has a provisional patent, and is patent pending, on both its cushion technology and algorithms used to modulate air flow in the cushion. Kalogon continues to innovate and apply for patents for various products.

How long ago was Kalogon founded?

Kalogon was founded in Fall 2020 in Cocoa, FL and officially launched Orbiter in February 2022.

Who has invested in Kalogon?

The investor group includes leading Florida investors DeepWork Capital, SeedFundersOrlando, and VenVelo, with additional investment from Sawmill Angels, a new investment arm of alumni of the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, and federal grants via NIDILRR and other government entities.

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