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How does Orbiter work?

Kalogon uses patent-pending air cell technology to analyze pressure data in real-time and intelligently adapt to deliver comfort on demand. The Orbiter from Kalogon redistributes support away from sensitive areas, facilitating maximum comfort. The cushion senses how the user is sitting and algorithms intelligently adapt to offload pressure from their buttocks and thighs, aims to increase comfort  in maintaining healthy blood flow and keep their skin healthy. Our cushion does the shifting for people. Users and caregivers can use a companion app to personalize their experience to support pressure injury healing and pain relief.

Do you have to have a phone to use Orbiter?

The phone will help to optimize and change settings as needed. It does not need to be used frequently - many people only use our smartphone app for initial setup and do not open it again after that. 

You really only need the phone for initial setup, and many of our users don't open the app again after that. All of the settings are saved locally on the cushion's control unit, so it will preserve your setup even with no phone near the cushion. The app connects over bluetooth, so it can be used even in locations with poor/no wifi. You can also control multiple cushions from one phone.

Does the Orbiter app work on both Android and iOS?

Yes! The Orbiter app is available in both the  Play  and the  iOS stores . You can sync with Orbiter once you’ve got the app installed.

Can I pick the color of fabric for my Orbiter?

While this isn’t a standard offering, talk with our team, we’re always looking for ways to go out of our way to improve the experience of our customers. Please contact our sales team either by calling  321-465-4504  to speak with a member of our team or by filling out the  contact form .

Is Orbiter from Kalogon available from local medical supply stores?

Currently the Orbiter is only available through this website at or by having your clinician work with the Kalogon team.

Does Kalogon have a toll-free number to call if I have questions?

Yes, please call  321-465-4504  to speak with a member of our team.

Can we use the Orbiter for the car or any other furniture other than a wheelchair?

Yes! We have many people who use the Orbiter while driving or sitting someplace other than their wheelchair - after consulting with their clinician about their seating and positioning.

Where can I use Orbiter?

You can use Orbiter anyplace you go in your wheelchair. Orbiter adjusts for ambient conditions so you can use it on an airplane, in the car, or even just around town. People use Orbiter at work, on the go, or socializing.

How do you adjust Orbiter? How can I adjust the Orbiter to meet my positioning needs?

Orbiter automatically adjusts itself to you based on its smart technology that detects the unique way that you sit. You or your clinician can also customize the profile of the cushion using the app and adjust the firmness of the different sections of the cushion.

You can use the app to adjust the pressure settings in each of the 5 zones of the cushion individually. This allows you to selectively relieve pressure from high risk areas and to accommodate unique positioning needs such as obliquities. We recommend that you speak with your clinician about the pressure settings that are right for you.

How much weight does Orbiter add to a wheelchair?

The average Orbiter, mount, and control box are about four - six pounds in weight. This depends on the size of the cushion, which is custom to each person. Please contact our sales team to learn more either by calling  321-465-4504  to speak with a member of our team or by filling out the  contact form .

What sizes is Orbiter available in?

All Orbiters are made to size, and we can accommodate a wide range of sizes, from 14 - 24 inches, including odd sizes and half sizes. Please  reach out  to the Kalogon team to discuss the size you need

Is Orbiter available in half sizes?

Yes, Orbiter is available in half sizes. Please  reach out  to the Kalogon team to discuss the size you need.

What is the fabric used for Orbiter’s cover?

Orbiter uses a fabric with four-way stretch that is water resistant and machine washable, allowing for comfort.

Is the cushion cover washable?

Yes, the Orbiter cushion cover is machine washable. Please wash in cold water and air dry. Do not put your Orbiter cushion cover into the dryer.

How do I wash my Orbiter cover?

You can wash your Orbiter cushion cover in a machine with cold water and air dry it. Do not put it into the dryer, even on a low heat.

What is a preset and how can I use them?

When you use the Kalogon app in partnership with your Orbiter, you can create a preset. Presets allow you to specify what level of pressure your clinician recommends for various situations and can be saved for ongoing use. You can label these in the app so you know what situation each preset is designed for. 

When you use the Kalogon app in partnership with your Orbiter, you can create up to 10 presets. Some people create presets to address different situations such as switching the cushion for different wheelchairs, between a wheelchair and driver’s seat, and between a wheelchair and a recliner. Some have even gone so far as to create settings for eating, or for different pairs of shoes. 

Once you have chatted with your clinician about these presets, you can save these in the app and just adjust to those at any point.

What is the weight the cushion can handle?

The standard cushion can handle up to 350 pounds. For larger weights, please  contact  the Kalogon team who can discuss various options for your needs.

Can I get a demo?

Kalogon performs in-services and demonstrations for clinical teams. To request one, please  contact  Kalogon and we’ll follow up with you to schedule a time. If you are a patient, Kalogon can work with you and your clinician to do a demonstration; at this time Kalogon does not offer private consumer demonstrations. You can also follow along with the Kalogon team through our newsletter (this link takes you to the newsletter form at the bottom of this page) or social media channels (LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook) to see where will be at events that will allow you to see the product for yourself. 

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