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Incontinence Cover FAQs

Does Kalogon offer an incontinence cover?

Yes, Kalogon offers an incontinence cover available for purchase at the time of your order, or as an after-purchase product. The Orbiter Incontinence Cover is available from Kalogon’s online store.

Is Kalogon’s Orbiter Incontinence cover machine washable?

Yes, you may machine wash the incontinence cover in cold water, and it must air dry.

Where do I place my Orbiter Incontinence Cover?

The Orbiter incontinence cover is designed to fit and cover both the foam and the air cells.

What are the benefits of the Incontinence Cover?

Orbiter’s incontinence cover is designed to provide ease of mind as you navigate your daily life and offer a second level of protection. It will cover the foam and air cells protecting them.

Is the Incontinence cover compatible with my Orbiter?

Our Incontinence cover comes in multiple sizes to fit your orbiter. Standard sizes available are 16x16, 16x18, 18x18, 18x20, and 20x20. You can also order a custom size and our team will reach out to you for specific details after your order is placed. 

Is the Incontinence cover compatible with my non-Kalogon wheelchair cushion?

Orbiter’s incontinence cover is designed specifically for Orbiter’s design, and to cover both foam and air cells. 

How do I purchase an Incontinence Cover?

If you have an existing Orbiter, you can purchase incontinence covers directly from Kalogon or from your local dealer or representative. If you are purchasing an Orbiter for the first time, you will work with the appropriate dealer or representative to add this to your order.

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