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Additional Orbiter
Cushion Covers FAQs

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Do you have additional covers for my Orbiter cushion?

Yes, you can order additional covers for your Orbiter.

Why would I need an additional Orbiter cushion cover?

Many people like to have additional covers for times when they spill something or otherwise get water or solids on the cover. Orbiter’s cushion covers are machine washable in cold water and can be hung dry. While one cover is drying you may like to have an available dry cover for your cushion.

What is the fabric used for Orbiter’s cover? 

Orbiter uses a fabric with four-way stretch that is water resistant and machine washable, allowing for comfort.

Is the cushion cover washable?

Yes, the Orbiter cushion cover is machine washable. Please wash in cold water and air dry. Do not put your Orbiter cushion cover into the dryer.

How do I wash my Orbiter cover?

You can wash your Orbiter cushion cover in a machine with cold water and air dry it. Do not put it into the dryer, even on a low heat.

What colors are available for additional covers?

You can select either black and Orbiter blue (the stripe on the side) or black and black for your cushion covers.

Will the cover fit my Orbiter?

Each cover should be ordered for the dimensions of your cushion. Some sizes are more common and will be shipped faster, while others are less common and will need to be special ordered.

Will the cover fit my non-Orbiter cushion?

Orbiter covers are designed to fit Orbiter cushions specifically.

How do I purchase an additional cover for my Orbiter?

If you have an existing Orbiter, you can purchase additional covers directly from Kalogon or from your local dealer or representative. If you are purchasing an Orbiter for the first time, you will work with the appropriate dealer or representative to add this to your order.

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