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Extender FAQs

What is the Extender used for?

Orbiter’s Extender allows you to turn your Orbiter on and off with ease and to charge your Orbiter without having to go to the back of your chair or getting help from someone else.

Is the Extender compatible with Booster?

The extender is only compatible with Orbiter. Booster’s location is accessible to the person using the wheelchair and doesn’t require an extender to reach.

Is the Extender compatible with my non-Kalogon product?

The extender is only compatible with Orbiter and is designed specifically to fit this product.

How can I purchase the Extender for my Orbiter?

If you have an existing Orbiter, you can purchase the Extender directly from Kalogon or from your local dealer or representative. If you are purchasing an Orbiter for the first time, you will work with the appropriate dealer or representative to add this to your order.

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