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2023 Kalogon's Adaptive Gift Guide

Adaptive Gift Guide Collage of Items including, Adaptive tote bag, adaptive cup holder. Kalogon Orbiter smart wheelchair cushion, adaptive clothing, wheelchair technology, disability-owned greeting card company featuring a snowglobe,  Adaptive Travel Seat, Adaptive Game Controller, Disability owned small business tea gift set, Izzy Wheels founders featuring pink and yellow wheel covers, wheelchair treadmill, wheelchair lights, adaptive shoes, heating pad, adaptive utensils, adaptive garden tool, adaptive water cup, rehabilitation robotic glove, green adaptive toggle grips, and guide beauty adaptive eyeliner duo.


Kalogon’s Adaptive Gift Guide

20 Adaptive Gifts for Friends & Family with Limited Mobility

'Tis the season for celebration! Explore our gift guide for creative solutions and gift ideas to encourage your loved ones to live an active, seated life. Whether it's everyday must-haves, cutting-edge technology, or products from disability-owned small businesses, we've got all your gifting needs covered!

Disclaimer: The following gift guide is provided for informational purposes only. Product availability, pricing, and features may change over time. We do not endorse or guarantee the products listed that are not sold by Kalogon, Inc. Please verify all details with the respective sellers before making a purchase. The inclusion of products in this guide does not imply an endorsement or partnership with the mentioned brands.


1. CHIC - Z Series MEDIUM Adaptable Tote Bag

Give the gift of style and convenience combined with the CHIC Adaptive Tote Bag for wheelchairs. This stylish bag uses fabric with a luxury feel and can clip onto your wheelchair or be used with the included removable shoulder strap. Owning a bag that will store all daily essentials within reach will allow for more independence while living an active, seated life.

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2. Think King Buggy Cup Holder

This cupholder is lightweight and can easily attach to a wheelchair for easy access to drinks, phones, wallets–anything you need to be able to grab quickly! The unique design allows you to tighten the holder around what’s inside so items are secure. It’s easy to detach and move to another chair or a vehicle as needed making it a versatile gift.

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3. Orbiter by Kalogon

Using a combination of machine learning and patent-pending air cell technology, the Orbiter by Kalogon, a smart wheelchair cushion, analyzes pressure points in real-time, intelligently redistributing weight, increasing comfort, and maintaining blood flow by augmenting existing offloading protocols to prevent pressure injuries (bed sores). Users can personalize their seating preferences through the app, providing an optimal, tailored experience for the user.

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4. No Limbits Adaptive Wheelchair Pant

Did you know that it can be difficult for people who use wheelchairs to wear typical standing jeans? Sitting for an extended period in jeans not meant for sitting can become uncomfortable and make it difficult to live an active, seated life. No Limbits has created pants specifically adapted for individuals with limited mobility that sit for extended periods. There are a variety of styles and colors to choose from, and this is a great gift for the fashion enthusiast.

5. Watercolor Greeting Cards - Paper by Janey

Need greeting cards this holiday season? Janey was in a car accident that left her paralyzed from the neck down when she was a senior in high school. She always loved to paint, but needed to find a new way to be creative. She created Paper by Janey in 2020 making watercolor cards for Mother’s Day, and has since expanded her business online and in shops around the U.S. These beautiful cards are sure to be a great addition to any gift this season.

Learn more and purchase at

6. Booster by Kalogon

Booster is designed to reduce anxiety when using your existing air cushion by maintaining your clinician’s recommendation for pressure in an air flotation cushion and eliminating the need to manually adjust it to prevent pressure injuries, also known as pressure sores. Booster can be installed onto most full-sized single cell air flotation wheelchair cushions and is a small device that provides automatic leak detection, ambient adjustments, and a good battery life.

7. easyTravelseat

Have an avid traveler on your list? The easyTravelseat makes traveling in a wheelchair easier allowing for safety and dignity with transfers to a separate transportation seat. The device comes in four sizes, and is compatible with most wheelchairs and wheelchair cushions.

8. Access Wireless Controller for PlayStation 5

People with limited mobility and dexterity can’t always use the standard gaming system controllers. Provide access to gaming with this customizable controller for PlayStation 5. It provides swappable buttons and caps so it can be adjusted to suit the level of mobility of the person using it. The wireless design makes it convenient for placing on a wheelchair tray, and it can be used from any 360 orientation. This is a great gift for the avid gamer on your list.

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9. Cup of Té Gift Set

Wellness gifts are always a good idea, and Cup of Té has all your organic tea needs covered. Founder Taylor Lindsay-Noel was an aspiring Olympic Gymnast when she suffered a training accident that left her paralyzed. She was determined to overcome her challenges and founded Cup of Té in 2018 to provide organic loose leaf teas and tea ware. All teas are ethically sourced and for each starter set sold, $1 is donated to mental health awareness.

Learn more and purchase at

10. Izzy Wheels Gift Voucher

Izzy Wheels has a mission to challenge negative associations with wheelchairs, and hopes to show that a wheelchair can be a form of self expression to showcase an individual's personality. The gift voucher allows your loved one to select the design that fits them most! Designs are created by local artists, famous designers, or feature popular characters from Disney and more. Each wheel cover is easily removable and is made to order in Ireland.

11. SunBeam XL Heating Pad

Give the gift of comfort and relaxation with the SunBeam XL heating pad. The large size allows for multiple uses and it features 6 heat settings. There is also an automatic shut off that reduces the worry of falling asleep while using it. Those with spinal cord injuries often experience temperature regulation problems, and a heating pad like this can help.

Learn more and purchase at

12. Wheely-X

Designed by Kangsters, this wheelchair treadmill is bringing innovation to the fitness world for those who use manual wheelchairs. This equipment allows an individual to remain in their wheelchair and on their current cushion during workouts. It allows a person using a wheelchair to participate in fitness independently gaining endurance and strength to support living an active, seated life.

13. Dining with Dignity Adaptive Fork and Spoon Set

Give the gift of dignity and independence while dining for your loved one with limited hand dexterity. The silverware set comes in two sizes, regular and petite, and each utensil is adjustable to fit different sized hands. These utensils are dishwasher safe and are sure to become a favorite everyday essential.

14. WheelBrights

Holiday lights aren’t only for your tree or home! These wheel lights are sure to make a statement for New Year’s Eve and more! They come in a variety of colors of LED lights to fit an individual’s personality, are easy to attach and remove as needed, and feature a battery pack with a strap that can be attached to a wheelchair wheel spoke.

Learn more and purchase at

15. Nike FlyEase Shoes

Give the gift of the classic and trendy Air Jordan design with the addition of adaptive features to make wearing them easier for someone with limited mobility. These shoes feature an easier on and off design and a zipper closure rather than the usual tie-laces. Nike offers a variety of styles and colors of their FlyEase shoes including options in Men’s, Women’s, and Kid’s sizes.

Learn more and purchase at

16. Easi Grip Garden Tools

Have an Avid Gardener on your list? Most garden tools are not easy to use for those with limited mobility and dexterity. The ergonomically designed handle of this trowel allows the hand to stay in a neutral position. Put together a gift set with tools, gloves, and a plant or seeds to create the perfect gift for someone who wants to be able to work in their garden or flower bed.

17. Providence Spillproof 10oz Adult Sippy Cup with Handle

This is the perfect gift for someone with limited dexterity. The cup is made in the USA, includes a spill-proof lid, and extra long handle, and is dishwasher safe, and can hold a variety of liquids. Personalize the cup with stickers for a gift that fits their personality and makes life easier at the same time! This gift comes in a single pack or a three pack option.

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18. Rehabilitation Robotic Glove

This OT recommended rehabilitation glove allows for an individual to keep up with their training at home independently. Those with limited dexterity can benefit from using this device to train their finger function. There are a variety of modes and the device can save your previous settings for future use. The device features an LED display and an extended battery life making the device easy to travel with.

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19. Grip Toggle

The Grip Toggle is an adaptive aid perfect for individuals with limited hand dexterity. They are made with high-quality materials which can withstand the wear and tear of daily use. Toggles can easily attach to an individual’s phone, kitchen utensils, hair tools, cabinets, and doors allowing for multiple uses throughout the day.

Learn more and purchase at

20. Guide Beauty Adaptive Makeup

The final addition to this adaptive gift guide is from Guide Beauty. Guide Beauty is all about inclusion and has created an extensive adaptive makeup line. Selma Blair, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis recently signed on as Chief Creative Officer for the brand. The adaptive products are useful for those with limited dexterity who still want the ability to be creative and independent when applying makeup. Individual items and complete collections are available for purchase on their website.

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