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Former SpaceX engineers design smart cushions for wheelchairs

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Sue Dewerff, Viera Voice

Kalogon founders and engineers with smart cushion
Evan Rosenberg, left, the principle engineer designer, Nathan Atkinson, user experience engineer, and Tim Balz, the founder and CEO, expect to begin selling the smart cushions nationally.

Approximately half of the more than three million wheelchair users in the U.S. will at some point develop pressure sore injuries.

Viera-based Kalogon Smart Cushions founder and CEO Tim Balz and his team of former SpaceX engineers began their quest more than a year ago to create a cushion designed to alleviate pain by redistributing pressure points. It ultimately accelerates healing while delivering long-lasting comfort for wheelchair users.

Last month, the company announced it will begin selling the smart wheelchair cushions nationally.


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