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  • FORBES: Mobility Tech Startup Kalogon Introduces Its All-New Connected Smart Cushion...

    Steven Aquino Forbes Contributor Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Steven covers accessibility and assistive technology. Mobility Tech Startup Kalogon Introduces Its All-New Connected Smart Cushion For Wheelchair Users In a press release published on Tuesday, Florida-based mobility startup Kalogon announced what it calls the “world’s first smart wheelchair cushion.” Developed by ex-SpaceX engineers—the aerospace company started by Elon Musk—Kalogon describes the cushion as being designed to “assist in the healing and prevention of pressure ulcers or bedsores.” The company notes these injuries are the leading cause of preventable death for the more than 3 million Americans who use a wheelchair. Kalogon’s claim to fame is the company’s engineers have developed wheelchair technologies that were endorsed by esteemed late physicist Stephen Hawking. “For me, if Kalogon can solve major challenges that people in wheelchairs face in partnership with people of all abilities, then we are doing our job right from ideation to manufacturing and distribution,” said Kalogon founder and CEO Tim Balz in a recent interview with me conducted over email... Read Full Article on Forbes

  • Florida News: Kalogon Technologies Wins $20,000 Groundswell Startups Space Coast Pitch Challenge

    WATCH: Kalogon Technologies Wins $20,000 Groundswell Startups Space Coast Pitch Challenge Brevard County, Florida – Kalgon Technologies was the winner of the nine finalists of the “Shark Tank”-style Space Coast Pitch Challenge on Thursday evening. Groundswell Startups Coworking space located at 2412 Irvine Street in Melbourne. Kalogon’s innovative wheelchair cushion helped him win a cash prize of $20,000. The final nine were selected from 50 locally based startups that applied to the Space Coast Pitch Challenge, showcasing the diversity of technology, talent and passion for solving complex problems. READ ON FLORIDA NEWS

  • SeedFundersOrlando: SeedFundersOrlando Invests in Healthtech Startup Kalogon

    ORLANDO, FL – August 30, 2021 – SeedFundersOrlando, a premier source of seed capital, mentoring, and connections for pre-revenue, high-growth technology startups in Central Florida and beyond, announced today that it has invested $195,000 in Kalogon, a Melbourne, Florida healthtech startup founded by Space Coast aerospace engineers developing smart seating technology to prevent pressure sores for those who sit for long periods of time, typically in wheelchairs. Seedfunders St. Petersburg and Seedfunders Miami Investors participated in the investment. Kalogon, located at the incubator Groundswell Startups, is a purpose-driven, tech-enabled company focused on helping improve the comfort level of individuals via innovative solutions. Pressure sores, which affect over 2.5 million patients and lead to 60,000 deaths annually, are injuries to skin and underlying tissue resulting from prolonged pressure on skin that covers bony areas of the body. The Kalogon Smart Cushion senses how the user is sitting and electronically adjusts itself every few minutes to offload pressure from their tailbone, maintaining healthy blood flow and keeping their skin healthy. This is SeedFundersOrlando’s eighth Florida startup investment since its founding in 3Q 2019, having previously invested in Blue Halo Biomedical, Winter Park, Safe Zone, Melbourne, ViewStub, Orlando, Intelligent Observation, Miami, Seedfunders Opportunity Fund, St. Petersburg, RxLive, St. Petersburg, TSOLife, Tampa, and Miventure, Orlando. Read Full Article on

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  • TECHNOLOGY | Kalogon

    Acerca de THE KALOGON SMART CUSHION Pressure injuries are one of the leading preventable causes of death and these sores drastically decrease a person’s quality of life. Using intelligent redistribution technology, the Kalogon Smart Cushion eliminates direct pressure on sensitive areas, designed to not only accelerate the healing process of pressure injuries, but also prevent new injuries from occurring. OUR TECHNOLOGY 01 / INTELLIGENT PRESSURE CONTROL arrow icon The Kalogon Smart Cushion monitors pressure changes within air cells and adapts to user-defined preferences in real-time to maximize comfort and stability. Manage comfort preferences using the iOS or Android app 02 / CONTINUOUS PRESSURE RELIEF arrow icon Automate and control pressure redistribution using Kalogon app presets. Update your seating profile to define areas that require additional pressure relief or added firmness. Optimize blood flow across sensitive areas and enhance your existing offload routine 03 / POWER AUTOMATION arrow icon The cushion is powered on when you sit down and automatically turns off when no pressure is applied. Our cushion cover is waterproof and can be used in any season. 04 / UPGRADES arrow icon The best technologies are always improving. Kalogon customers receive free software updates and upgrades. PRESSURE RELIEF IN ACTION How We Compare PRESSURE MAPPING RESULTS ​ ​ VARIABLE PRESSURE ​ ​ ADAPTIVE SUPPORT ​ ​ CONTINUOUS PERSONALIZATION BEST Kalogon has variable pressure Kalogon has Adaptive Support Kalogon has Continuous Personalization ROHO FAIR Roho No Variable Support Roho No Adaptive Support Roho No Continuous Personalization EASE GOOD Ease has Variable Pressure Ease has No Adaptive Support Ease No Continuous Personalization JAY FAIR Jay No Variable Pressure Jay No Adaptive Support Jay No Continuous Personalization AQUILA GOOD Checkmark X Icon Aquila No Continuous Personalization

  • ABOUT | Kalogon

    IN THE NEWS Prior to inventing the world's first smart cushion, Kalogon Founder and CEO, Tim Balz led the design of patented wheelchair technologies personally endorsed by Stephen Hawking . Like Hawking, Kalogon's team believes technology for the disabled is often a proving ground for the technology of the future. Their first innovation uses patented sensor technology to continually adapt to the needs of the user, giving people the ability to sit longer and pursue activities they were otherwise not able to pursue. FORBES: Mobility Tech Startup Kalogon Introduces Its All-New Connected Smart Cushion... Florida News: Kalogon Technologies Wins $20,000 Groundswell Startups Space Coast Pitch Challenge SeedFundersOrlando: SeedFundersOrlando Invests in Healthtech Startup Kalogon Seed Funders Orlando: Health tech startup Kalogon lands investment to ramp up manufacturing National Center for Simulation: This CEO built a wheelchair endorsed by Stephen Hawking... Hometown News: Startup employs people with disabilities Spectrum News 13: Brevard County nonprofit working with company to serve the disabled Aging and Health Technology Watch: Kalogon Launches the First and Only Smart Wheelchair Cushion... Viera Voice: Former SpaceX engineers design smart cushions for wheelchairs 1 2 quotes Technology for the disabled is often a proving ground for the technology of the future. - Stephen Hawking This CEO built a wheelchair endorsed by Stephen Hawking before launching his new startup (by Alex Soderstrom) Read Article

  • Kalogon Team | Kalogon

    We believe in building quality solutions that improve the lives of people. Tim Balz CEO Katherine Chapman Product Design Engineer Aaron Jones Director of Sales Evan Rosenberg Principal Engineering Designer Austin Clarke Manufacturing Engineer Nathan Atkinson User Experience Engineer Zach Kaye Sales Representative Christian Balcom Software Developer Connor Crenshaw Electrical Engineer Out of gallery

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