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Kalogon's Inaugural Seating & Sitting Survey

Over One-third of Americans Sit More Than 8 Hours Per Day, Finds New Research from Kalogon

Kalogon Showcases Smart Seating Solutions at CES 2024 to Improve Comfort and Reduce Pain

LAS VEGAS (Jan. 9, 2024) - At CES 2024, Kalogon, a leader in smart seating solutions, today released new research that found more than one-third (38%) of Americans are sitting for more than eight hours per day, and most respondents feel discomfort after sitting just 30 minutes to four hours. In its 2024 Seating and Sitting Survey of over 1,000 U.S. adults, Kalogon studied the duration and physical effects of sitting to understand how it impacts overall wellness.

Seating & Sitting Chart

Chart showing US Rep population vs. wheelchair users. One box overlap reads average hours seated: US Rep: 8.3 and wheelchair users: 11.9. Within the graph itself, on the US Rep population has an overlay that reads 38% sit 9+ hours/day while the wheelchair users have one that reads 68% sit 9+hours per day. Graph is a column with US rep: 17% with 4 hours or less, 45% with 5 - 8 hours, 27% for 9 - 12 hours, and 12% for 12+ hours. Among wheelchair users the same percentages are 4%, 28%, 33%, 36%.

Previous research by the CDC in 2018 found that 25% of the population spent more than eight hours a day sitting, signaling that adults are now sitting longer than just a few years ago – and they’re uncomfortable. In addition to showing signs of discomfort starting at just 30 minutes, 13% of respondents had experienced a pressure injury from sitting. Pressure injuries and their complications claim the lives of 60,000 Americans annually, establishing them as a top cause of preventable deaths in the United States. 

The survey also found:

  • 23% of people have taken medication to increase seated comfort; 41% have taken extra breaks to move to increase comfort

  • More than half (58%) of people at least somewhat agree that they have a goal to sit much less frequently

  • Nearly three-fourths (74%) of people at least somewhat agree that they are highly aware of the health risks of prolonged sitting

Health tech is ‘behind’

“There are myriad reasons why people sit for extended times – due to their jobs, disabilities and more,” said Tim Balz, CEO and founder of Kalogon. “While it’s noble to encourage more movement, we can’t ignore the very valid reasons why people need to sit and must strive to improve seated wellness for those who do. Seating hasn’t been disrupted in 50 years, but we can massively improve our seated health by applying the best in health tech available to our butts.”

Kalogon’s smart seating solutions are ushering in a new era for those who spend an extended time sitting. At Kalogon’s booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC), North Hall, #8939, CES attendees will have the opportunity to experience the future of seating. Orbiter by Kalogon combines machine learning and patent-pending air cell technology to redistribute weight and increase comfort by maintaining blood flow. A connected app enables users, caregivers and clinicians to personalize their experience based on each user's needs. Early customers of Kalogon’s Orbiter reported significant improvements in overall comfort, accelerated healing, and an ability to sit up to two times longer. 

Kalogon will demo the cushion for a range of applications requiring prolonged periods of sitting, such as mobility device use, trucking, transportation workers, pilots and more.

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The survey was conducted for this report using Centiment online survey tools. The sample of 1,045 individuals in the United States was surveyed between October 20, 2023, and November 29, 2023. The data set is available for academic researchers by contacting the Kalogon Research Team at

About Kalogon

Kalogon revolutionizes how the world sits through technological innovation, cutting-edge research and an obsession with user experience. By prioritizing empathy-driven design and embracing inclusivity, we aim to set a new benchmark in seating solutions for those who spend an extended time sitting, inspiring positive change in the industry. Our ultimate goal is to empower individuals to lead active, seated lives with enhanced comfort and well-being. Learn more at

Media contact:

Heather Sliwinski

Changemaker Communications for Kalogon


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