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XLR Charger FAQs

What is an XLR Charger?

Orbiter’s XLR charger will allow you to charge your Orbiter from the port on your power wheelchair using a direct 3-pin XLR to barrel jack connection. You can leave Orbiter plugged in without degrading the battery.

Is the XLR Charger compatible with my power chair?

Our XLR Charger is compatible with most makes and models of power chairs with a 3-pin XLR port.. If you have questions about your specific chair, please contact the Kalogon team at or
(321) 465 4504.

Can I charge my power chair and Orbiter at the same time?

If you have multiple ports, you can charge your chair and Orbiter. If you only have one port, you will need to unplug Orbiter to charge your chair.

Is the XLR Charger compatible with my non-Kalogon product?

The Orbiter XLR charger is designed to be exclusively compatible with Orbiter by Kalogon.

How can I purchase the XLR Charger for my Orbiter?

If you have an existing Orbiter, you can purchase the XLR charger directly from Kalogon or from your local dealer or representative. If you are purchasing an Orbiter for the first time, you will work with the appropriate dealer or representative to add this to your order.

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